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Title Shaw, Savill and Albion [Part 2]
Date 1894-1970
Document Type Photograph
Reference MCROB Vol 71
Library / Archive National Museums Liverpool: Maritime Archives & Library
Collection Name McRoberts Collection
Description Collection of photographs from the Shaw, Savill and Albion Company, including those operating under George Thompson & Co. Ltd. Many ships travelling between Australia and Great Britain.
Theme(s) Ships and Shipping Lines
Country (from) Great Britain; Australia
Country (to) Australia; Great Britain; Holland; New Zealand; Bermuda
Places Panama Canal; Auckland, New Zealand; New York, United States
Ports London, Liverpool, England; Faslane, Aberdeen, Scotland; New York, United States; Melbourne, Australia
Ships Cedric; Cymric; MV Cretic; MV Drina; Canopic; Romanic; Plate Clipper; Gallic; Greystoke Castle; Bardic; Muncaster Castle; Zealandic; Western Prince; Southern Cross; Calypso; Arabic; Aramaic; Carnatic; Alaric; Iran Naru; Medic; Southern Prince; Mystic; Ionic; Eastern Prince; Icenic; Iryllic; Almaric; Iberic; Northern Star; Megantic; Laurentic; Drina; Britannic; Majestic; NZ Aorangi; Aranda; Aragon; Akaroa; Amazon; Arawa; Arlanza; Ocean Monarch; Empress of England; Cairnventure; Cairnrover; Limpsfield; Olau Rolf; Cape Melville; Tropic; Nova Scotia; Crusader; Edith Thorden; Saracen; Knight Templar; Arctic Ocean; Norman; Kwangtung; Kweichow; Turakina; Port Alfred; Townsville Star; Northumberland; Mariel; Naguilan; Commerz; Aberdeen; Halep; SS Australasian; SS Damascus; SS Thermopyla; Ninevah; Aldenham; Larne; Moravian; Akbar; Salamis; Sophocles; Miltiades; Orcana; Marathon; Oruba; Pericles; Somerset; Demosthenes; Themistocles; Euripides; Gothic; Bahia Castilo; Diogenes; Horatius; War Priam; Kumara; Mamilius; Mamari; Hobsons Bay; Moreton Bay; Jervis Bay; Esperance Bay; Largs Bay; Ferndale; Fordsdale
Keywords Blue Star Line, White Star Line, Crusader Shipping Company, Aberdeen Line, commonwealth
Language English
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