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Title New Zealand Company. Miscellanea – Persons. Surgeons' Journals [Blenheim, Birman, Oriental, Lady Nugent, Indus, London, Pekin, Tory]
Date 29 Apr 1839 - 8 Feb 1850
Document Type Shipping Papers
Reference CO 208/298
Library / Archive The National Archives
Collection Name New Zealand Company Original Correspondence, etc.
Description Journals kept by surgeons on board New Zealand Company-chartered emigrant ships travelling from British ports to New Zealand and Australia. The journals give general accounts of the weather, but also offer daily discussions of the health of passengers, types and quantities of provisions, common ailments suffered and any deaths sustained by illness or due to individuals being lost overboard. There are also references to orders given for the sanitation of the decks and accommodation of passengers, specifying which chemicals are used for such purposes. Accounts of male passengers beating their wives during the voyages are noted, along with the education of children and surgeons' efforts to maintain order on board ship. The log for the 'Oriental' specifies each patient attended by the surgeon, their age, disease and treatment, alongside general comments about their consultation. There are similar journals made for ships travelling from Port Jackson to Batavia (modern day Jakarta), and from Singapore to China.
Series Description This series contains original correspondence and entry books of the New Zealand Company which were handed over to the Colonial Office after the surrender of the company's charters in 1850. Also included are minutes, accounts, registers of emigrants and land transfer records.
Biographical Note / History The New Zealand Company was a chartered company formed in 1839 and incorporated in 1841 with power to buy, sell, settle and cultivate land in New Zealand. It did not prove a satisfactory agency for colonising New Zealand and was induced to surrender its charters in 1850. It was finally dissolved in 1858.
Theme(s) Ships and Shipping Lines; Journey Conditions; Departures: Port Conditions and Organisation; Colonisation Companies and Emigration Societies
Country (from) Great Britain; Australia
Country (to) New Zealand; Australia; China; Indonesia
Places Cooks Straight, New Zealand; Gravesend, England; Jakarta, Indonesia
Ports Plymouth, London, England; Wellington, Port Chalmers, Dunedin, New Zealand; Sydney, Port Jackson, New South Wales, Australia
Nationality English; European; Australian; Chinese; Asian
Ships Blenheim; Birman; Lord Brougham; Warwick Castle; Oriental; Lady Nugent; SS Indus; London; Pekin; Tory
People Grey, John; Norway, Samuel; Motherwell, James; Cleland, John; Kemball, Arthur Clark; Santry, James; Hillard, George Richard; Watson, William; Turnbull, W M; Long, M D; Müller, Dr S L; Whitby, George; Harrignton, Thomas Cudbert; Chaffers, Edward Mein; Lowe, Richard Godfrey
Keywords journey conditions, employment, emigration, emigrant, passenger, surgeon, shipping, steerage, health and sickness, diarrhoea, women, weather, death, medical examination, food, provisions, water, education, seasickness, sanitation, medical treatment, ship ventilation, agent, government, marriage, carpenter, accommodation, coffee, sugar, tea, clothing, hospital, demographics, disability, medicine, scurvy, disease, fever, cargo, port, shipwright, sailors, trade
Language English
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