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Title Emigration Return of Sick, 1840-1842
Date 6 May 1840 - 21 May 1842
Document Type Report
Reference R194-64-6-E, Volume 2394, Folder 1
Library / Archive Library and Archives Canada
Collection Name Immigration Branch Correspondence Returns, 1840-1853, 1864-1866, 1876. Publications, 1855-1861
Description Includes returns for a detachment of Grenadier Guards and figures for the sick, discharges and dead along with those suffering from infectious diseases such as small pox, cholera and typhus. Details are also given of various commodities received such as sugar, wine and barley.
Series Description Records created and maintained by the Immigration Branch of the Department of Agriculture. As immigration and colonization became increasingly important to the new Dominion government, the high volume of information flowing into and required from the Minister's office overwhelmed the docket system of record-keeping.
Theme(s) Arrivals: Ports and Early Experiences; Politics, Legislation and Governance
Places Grosse Île, Quebec, Canada
Ships Leander; Astrea; Sir George Prevost; Catharine; Anna Liffey; Hibernia; British King; Emerald; Industry; Champlain; Mania; Margaret Balfour; Nelson Village; Idea; Helen; Independent; Urania; Chieftain; Mountaineer; Merlin; Minstrel; Albion; Dolphin; Mary; John White; Blonde; Lord Canterbury; Sarah Stewart
Keywords quarantine, health and sickness, hospital, accommodation, emigration, surgeon, fever, typhus, death, soldier, small pox, measles, food, sugar, tea, wine
Language English
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