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Title Australia: General Correspondence. Original – Secretary of State
Date 1783-1900
Document Type Correspondence; Legal Papers
Reference CO 201/1
Library / Archive The National Archives
Collection Name Colonial Office and Predecessors: New South Wales Original Correspondence
Description Much of the correspondence is addressed to Governor Arthur Philip and refers to convicts, their labour, conditions and residence in the penal colonies of Australia. There is also correspondence discussing and enclosing papers relative to the state of various settlements of New South Wales, such as Port Jackson and Norfolk Island, with tables displaying demographics and data relative to the emigrants and rations allowed them. There are lists of practical utensils, tools, furniture, medical supplies and commodities needed in such settlements, along with letters referring to regulations for convict labour so they might provide for themselves more efficiently in the penal colonies. Conditions and punishments carried out on board convict ships are also remarked upon in letters, as are the deaths occurring during the journey, upon landing and at their destination. Minutes and recordings on depositions of legal trials held in Sydney are also included and refer directly to cases of ship captains and surgeons having punished convicts on board to such an extent that this resulted in their deaths. Letters specifically refer to the transportation of "female convicts now in Newgate" on board the 'Lady Penrynn', and the transportation of disabled and mentally unwell persons to the Australian colonies in order to relieve British parishes. A printed copy of a pamphlet setting out "A Rough Outline of the Many Advantages that May Result to this Nation, from a Settlement made on the Coast of New South Wales" is also included, as is a set of printed instructions to surgeons and superintendents on board male convict ships.
Series Description This series contains original correspondence relating to New South Wales. Also includes correspondence relating to Van Diemen's Land (later Tasmania) up to 1825.
Theme(s) Politics, Legislation and Governance; Motives for Emigration; Journey Conditions
Country (from) Great Britain; United States of America
Country (to) Australia
Places Botany Bay, New South Wales, Tasmania, Norfolk Island, Australia; Cape of Good Hope, South Africa; London, England
Ports Port Jackson, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia; Portsmouth, England
Nationality English; Australian; European
Ships Lady Juliana; Discovery; Gorgon; Sirius; Alexander; Lady Penrynn; Scarborough; Britannia; General Hewitt
People Davison, Alexander; Palmer, John; Phillip, Governor Arthur; Nepuam, Evan; Ross, Robert; Grenville, W W; Kennedy, John; Ricketts, James Thomas ; Hunter, John; Beckett, John; Hughes, Richard
Keywords government, clothing, provisions, settlement, women, rations, demographics, statistics, military, convict, administration, children, colony, passenger, shipping, emigration, immigration, penal colony, colonisation, supplies, furniture, textiles, agriculture, import, food, livestock, regulations, transportation, surveying,, army, cargo, medicine, indigenous people, law, trial, bounty emigration, admiralty, agent, contract, disease, health and sickness, journey conditions, accommodation, hospital, wages, rent, trade, surgeon, employment, climate, navigation, labour, war, flax, cotton, sugar, tea, coffee, tobacco, commodities, emigration scheme, expenses, construction, farming, insanity, death, colony conditions, punishment, wine, medical examination, petition, ship ventilation, navy
Language English
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